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Saudi Arabia

21st – 28th March2013

Hail international rally




Saudi Arabian Motor Federation

P.O.Box 87881

Ph. +9661-2885855

Fax +9661-2883882

Riyadh 11652

Saudi Arabia




































Identification / Race Numbers









Administrative Checks



Technical Scrutineering



Super Special Stage (SS1)



Start of the Event



Running of the Rally



Service Park



Protests and Appeals



Summary of Penalties



Final Technical Checks








Appendix I

Crews’ Relations Officers



 Equipments 30





The event will be run in compliance with the FIA International Sporting Code (and appendices), and the National Sporting Regulations (SAMF) which comply with the FIA regulations and these Supplementary Regulations.


Modifications, amendments and/or changes to these Supplementary Regulations will be announced only by numbered, dated and signed bulletins which will an integral part of the regulations, and will be posted on the official board of the Event. They will also be directly communicated to the crews, who must sign for it.



In the event of differences in the interpretation of these regulations, the English text alone will be considered as binding.


The official time will be as GPS (Saudi time = GMT + 3).




From 21st March 2013, the secretariat of the meeting will be located at the address shown below:

Rally HQ, Meghawat Hail,

Hours of operation:

Thursday 21st March 08.00h / 20.00h

Friday 22nd March 08.00h / 20.00h

Saturday 23rd March 08.00h / 20.00h

Sunday 24th March 05.30h / 22.00h

Monday 25th March 05.30h / 22.00h

Tuesday 26th March 05.30h / 22.00h

Wednesday 27th March 05.30h / 20.00h

Thursday 28th March 08.00h / 20.00h


2.2- Official Notice Board – Locations

From 21st March to 28th March

Meghawat, Hail




Thursday, 10 January


Issuing of the Supplementary Regulations



Opening date for entries

Rally Office, SAMF

Thursday, 7th March


Closing date for entries with reduced fees

Rally Office, Meghawat

Monday, 19th March


Closing date for entries

Rally Office, Meghawat



Friday 22 March


Rally Office opens

Meghawat Hail


Administrative checks / Collection of materials and documents (schedule to be published by means of a bulletin)

Meghawat Hail




Saturday 23 March


Rally Office opens

Meghawat Hail


Administrative checks / Collection of materials and documents (schedule to be published by means of a bulletin)






Pre-event Press conference

Meghawat Hail


Super Special Stage Reconnaissance

Meghawat Hail


Publication of the start list for the Ceremonial Start

Meghawat Hail


Publication of the start list for the Super Special Stage

Meghawat Hail

Sunday , 24 March


Rally Office opens

Meghawat Hail


Ceremonial Start



Super Special Stage Start

Meghawat Hail


Issue of the road book for Leg 1

Meghawat Hail


Publication of the start list for Leg 1


Meghawat Hail

Monday , 25 March


Rally Office opens

Meghawat Hail


Start of Leg 1

Meghawat Hail

From 17.00

Issue of the road book for Leg 2

Meghawat Hail


Publication of the start list for Leg 2


Meghawat Hail

Tuesday , 26 March


Rally Office opens

Meghawat Hail


Start of Leg 2

Meghawat Hail

From 17.00

Issue of the road book for Leg 3

Meghawat Hail


Publication of the start list for Leg 3


Meghawat Hail

Wednesday 27 March


Rally Office opens

Meghawat Hail


Start of Leg 3

Meghawat Hail

From 17.00

Issue of the road book for Leg 4

Meghawat Hail


Publication of the start list for Leg 4


Meghawat Hail

Thursday 28 marchl


Rally Office opens

Meghawat Hail


Start of Leg 4

Meghawat Hail


Post-event Press conference

Meghawat Hail


Finish Ceremony

Meghawat Hail


Post-event scrutineering

Meghawat Hail


Publication of the Provisional Final Classification




1 – Description

1.1 – Place and Dates of the Event

· Hail, Saudi Arabia from March 21st to March 28th 2013.


1.2 – Titles for which the Rally counts:

· 2013 Hail Saudi international Rally


1.3 – Visa Numbers –ASN

· ASN visa nº __________


1.4 – Location of the Rally Headquarters

· March 21st till March 28th at Maghwat; Hail.


1.5 – Location of the start and finish of the Rally

· Maghwat; Hail.


1.6 – Location of the Main Media Rooms

· March 21st till March 28th at Maghwat; Hail.


1.7 – Location of the Official Notice Boards

· March 21st till March 28th at Maghwat; Hail.


1.8 – GPS’s with the waypoints are to be provided by the Organisers and no other GPS equipments are to be used.



2.1 – Organiser’s name

Saudi Arabian Motor Federation. SAMF


2.2 – Address and contact details

P.O.Box 87881 Riyadh 11652 Saudi Arabia

Tel.: +966-1-2885855

Fax.: +966-1-2883882




2.3 – Organisation Committee

Chairman HRH Prince Sultan Al Faisal

Rally Director Anwar Helmi

Chairman Advisor Eias Al saleh

Clerk Of the Course Elie Semaan


2.4 – Stewards of the Meeting

Chairman of the Stewards Ziad Jamous (RL)

SAMF Steward Eias Al saleh

SAMF Steward Mohammed AlTayeb


2.5 – Observers

Observer Ziyad Jamous


2.6 – Senior Officials

Rally Director Anwar Helmi

Clerk Of the Course Elie Semaan

Secretary of the meeting Andy Conder

Assistant C.O.C & Rally Route Laszlo Polgar (HUN)

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Said Amer (KSA)

Chief Police Coordinator Col Khalid Al Saeed (KSA)

Chief Safety Officer Abdulrahman AlYahya (KSA)

Chief Marshal Faisal Al Sikhan

Chief Scrutineer AbdulRahman Ghuloom (BAH)

Assist Scrutineer Paris Kritikos (CY)

Chief Results Wolfgang Schindele

Chief Timekeeper Wolfgang Schindele

International Press Officer Neil Perkins

Media Coordinator Ahmed Al Sulais

National Press Officer Firas Nemri

Competitors Relations Officer Ahmed Jaan

Competitors Relations Officer Ahmed Mutabagani

Safety & Security Officer TBA

Public Relations Officer Hasan Abdali

Judges of Fact: TBA


All named Judges of Fact have the following duties:

- Verification of the Route;

- Control of service regulations


2.7 – Identification of Post Chiefs and marshals

· Post Chief Red tabard with the word " Post Chief” and a red arm band

· Marshal Yellow tabard with the word “Marshal”



Article 3 – ENTRIES


The entry form is available from


The individual application form to enter in the 2013 Hail International Rally must be submitted to the SAMF

The entry must be accompanied by the entry fees specified below and the documents requested on the entry form (Licence, ID card, driving licence, photo, insurance and medical certificate).


The application will not be accepted if the form is not totally completed and accompanied by the requested fees and documents.

The maximum number of riders accepted will be 100.

* Competitor is required to purchase necessary brackets and fittings. A deposit of 1700€ will be required.


3.2 – Entry Procedure

Anyone wishing to take part in the hail international rally, must send the entry form, duly completed, including the entry fees, to the secretariat of the event:

Saudi Arabian Motor Federation

P.O.Box 87881 Riyadh 11652 Saudi Arabia


For competitors, 1st drivers or co-drivers of a nationality outside GCC and affiliated ASN’s, the entry form must be stamped by the ASN of the competitor according to Article 70, Chapter IV, of the International Sporting Code.


4.3 Number of entrants accepted

The maximum number of entrants will be 100. If more than 100 entries are received the organizer reserves the right to decide which entries among the non-priority drivers will be accepted.


4.4 Groups and Classes:

Group & Class



T1 4x4 Petrol


T1 4x4 Diesel


T1 4x2 Petrol


T1 4x2 Diesel


T2 Petrol


T2 Diesel




T3 Lightweight


T4 with a nominal cylinder capacity of 10.000 cc or over


T4 with a nominal cylinder capacity of less than10.000 cc

There will be a two-wheel drive category within Group T1.


3.3.2 - Vehicles entered in a class with less than 5 entrants will be competing only for the general classification, group classification and category classification.


3.3.3 - A special classification will be established for all Diesel vehicles.


3.4 – Entry Fees



With the organisers' compulsory advertising and optional advertising:

Entrant as the driver and Co-driver

Entrant as a legal entity

1600 $ SR 6000


1600 $ SR 6000


Without the organiser's optional advertising: increase of 100%

3200 $ SR 12000


Insurance of civil liability towards third parties

Service plate AUTO

Not Included

Extra service plate

300 $ SR 1130

Extra service plate AUTO / VAN

150 $ SR 570

Renting of safety and navigation equipments*



Iritrack (Tracker system)


500 $ SR 1900

150 $ SR 570

370 $ SR 1400

* The exact cost of the rental of safety and navigation equipment and its fitting will be informed later. Competitors are required to pay a refundable deposit, that will be given back after handing back the systems in good condition (Approximately 1600 $ SR 6000 for GPS–ERTF, 650$ SR 240 for Sentinel and $1600 SR 6000 for Iritrack Tracker system).


3.5 - Payment

3.5.1 - All payments should be paid at administration


3.5.2 – An entry will be considered invalid if it is not accompanied by the entry fee.


3.5.3 - The organisers will reimburse the entry fees, minus a variable retainer, to those competitors who are unable to present themselves at the start of the Cross-Country Rally for reasons of "force majeure", subject to the application reaching the organisers by registered mail. The deduction will be:

· Of 25 % of the entry fees for the requests received until 60 days before the administrative checks

· Of 50 % of the entry fees for the requests received until 30 days before the administrative checks

· There will always be a deduction of 10% (file fee).


3.6 – Entrants

Entrants who are not the first or second driver must present a copy of their Entrants license with the entry form.


Article 4 – INSURANCE

4.1 - According to the 2013 FIA General Prescriptions.

The entry fees include the civil liability insurance towards third parties, according to the law.

Damages to crews / service crews, rally / service cars are not covered by the insurance provided by the organisers.

This insurance covers will come into effect with the administrative checks and scrutineering and end upon the expiry of one of the following time limits, whichever is the later:

· time limit for protest or appeal, or the end of any hearing

· end of post-event scrutineering

· moment of retirement or exclusion from the event

· end of the prize-giving ceremony


Insurance Company:



4.2 - In case of an accident, the competitor (or his representative) should send a written report to the organising committee, within the maximum delay of 24 hours, describing the circumstances of the accident as well as the names and addresses of the injured.


4.3 - Injuries to the drivers themselves or damage to participating cars or service cars are not covered by this insurance.


4.4 - All vehicles with foreign registration plates have to take a local road insurance to be allowed to drive on the road before and after the event.


4.5 - The organising committee is responsible to evacuate an injured competitor to the nearest Hospital.


4.6 - Saudi Arabian Motor Federation as well as the organising committee, decline all responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the event.



5.1 – Advertising of tobacco and alcoholic drinks is not permitted.


5.2 – Advertising Identification

The organiser's compulsory advertising will be carried on the rally plates and number panels provided by the organisers. If the advertising is damaged, it is compulsory to replace it.

If compulsory or optional advertising is absent or wrongly fixed, a penalty of 10% of the normal entry fee will be incurred for the first offence(Art 16.6 FIA GP and 100% of the entry fee for each repeated offence.


5.3 – The amount of the entry fees will be increased by 60% for the competitors who refuse the Organiser’s optional advertising, Article 16.5 of 2013 FIA General Prescription.


5.4 - Advertising Plan

According to Article 16.2 of the 2013 FIA General Prescriptions.

1- Two stripes of 10 cm (high) x 25 cm (wide) on each side of the upper part of the windscreen

2- Two rally plates (43 x 21 cm) placed vertically at the front and rear of the vehicle

3- Three race number panels 50cm x 47cm

4- Competitors will be advised of the optional advertising and will receive a drawing by means of a subsequent bulletin at the administrative checks.


As per Article 15 of the 2013 FIA General Prescriptions.


Article 7 – TYRES

As per Article 12 of the 2013 FIA General Prescriptions.


Article 8 – FUEL

In accordance with the 2013 FIA General Prescriptions, the use of AVGAS is authorised



9.1 – Location

Administrative Checks will take place at Rally HQ, Maghwat


9.2 – Schedule

Administrative checks will be held from March 22nd to 23rd 2013 from 08.00h to 14.00h. The exact schedule will be published in a bulletin.

All the crews entered must present themselves with their vehicle according to the established timetable, and with the GPS/ERTF, Sentinel and Iritrack equipments already installed.


9.3 – Documents to be presented

The Driver and Co-driver must present the following original documents (no photocopies or declarations of loss will be accepted):



· Passport valid until October 2013.

· Valid FIA Competition licence DRIVER & CO-DRIVER.

· Valid FIA Competition licence ENTRANT/COMPETITOR.

· ASN permission (stamp, visa or letter of approval).

· International driving licence.

· Driving Licence valid for vehicle type being driven.



· Certificate of ownership of the vehicle or authorisation from the registered owner.

· Current vehicle registration document for home country.

· KSA road insurance.

· FIA Technical Passport if it exists

· Homologation Papers.

· Confirmation of the installation of the security and navigation equipments (Sentinel and GPS – ERTF and Iritrack).

· Original homologation papers for T2 and concerned rollcages


9.4 – At the end of the administrative checks, the scrutineering time will be notified to each competitor. The driver and Co-driver will receive a bracelet with the emergency number. They must wear this bracelet throughout the event. If the bracelet is damaged, it must be replaced.

9.5 – Any crew reporting to the administrative checks outside the time limits prescribed will incur a cash penalty of US$ 250, except in the event of force major accepted by the panel of Stewards.



10.1 – Location

Technical scrutineering will take place at TBA


10.2 – Schedule

Scrutineering will be held from March 22nd and 23rd from 10.00h to 17.00h.

Crews will have a maximum time of 01h00 between the end of administrative checks and the beginning of technical scrutineering.


10.3 – All competitors must appear with their vehicles at the Scrutineering at the time required.


10.4 – Competitors must comply with the following when arriving for scrutineering:

· All rally plates, competition numbers and advertising plates must be fitted.

· The vehicle will be marked on the chassis and engine block it is the sole responsibility of the competitors to ensure that these marks are kept safe until the end of the event; their absence will lead to EXCLUSION.

· Delivery of the Safety Form, given at Administrative Checks, with the FIA homologation for helmets, overalls, gloves (optional for co-drivers), balaclava, socks and shoes + long underwear. These equipments are compulsory for use by both members of the crew (except gloves for co driver), and must be homologated according to the FIA Appendix L, Chapter 3, under pain of exclusion.

· Hans system is compulsory for drivers and co drivers in international cross country rally events counting for an FIA cup.


The use of the following Safety equipment supplied by the organisation on a rental basis is complicity (Price not included on the entry fee):


· GPS-ERTF navigation system

· Sentinel System.

· Iritrack


The rental fees are indicated on article 3.4.


The use of GSM without GPS, hands free and navigational features and satellite phones is authorised. Use of these phones is allowed only outside the car when the vehicle is stopped (this recommended restriction based on article 29.3 of the 2013 FIA General Prescriptions).


10.5 – After the technical scrutineering and in the case of a vehicle not complying with the technical and/or safety regulations, a period of time may be granted by the Panel of Stewards to enable the vehicle to comply.


10.6 – Vehicles that do not comply will not be allowed to start.


Scrutineering carried out before the start of the rally will be of a general nature to ensure general conformity with the Group and Class entered, essential safety items are carried and conformity with the national Highway Code.



11.1 – Who may participate

The Super Special Stage is compulsory for all competitors, with the whole crew on board.


11.2 – Location

The Super Special Stage will be run in the area of the Mighwat.

11.3 – Schedule

The Super Special Stage will be held on Sunday March 24th 2013 at 15.30h for the 1st competitor.


11.4 – Reconnaissance of the Super Special Stage

Reconnaissance of the Super Special Stage can be undertaken from 12.00h to 15.00h, on Saturday March 23rd 2013, on foot, on a bicycle, on a scooter or a quad of less than 100cc.


11.5 It is absolutely forbidden to drive out of the road defined in the road book, and signalled by arrows and plastic bands, under pain of a penalty to the discretion of the stewards that may go to the attribution of the time up to the last classified in the SSS.


11.7 - The maximum time to run the Super Special Stage will be 30 minutes.


11.8 – Fixed Penalties


a) A Fixed penalty of one hour will be applied to any crew that:


b) Crews incurring a fixed penalty on the Super Special Stage will be admitted to start Leg 2 if the crews’ members and the vehicle check in at the time control at the end of the Leg within 03.00h after the time scheduled for their start for Leg 1. Such crews will start Leg 2 after the classified teams in numerical order.


11.9 – Maximum Penalty on SSS1

On the SSS1, the maximum amount of penalties that a crew may incur, including the time of the Super Special Stage is one hour.



12.1 – Publication times of start lists, start times and competitors briefings

According to Programme


12.2 – Ceremonial Start / Official Start

Place: TBA

Time: Sunday March 24th 2013


12.3 – Briefing


General Briefing with the Clerk of the Course and the Organiser

Place: Rally HQ, Maghwat


Briefing is compulsory for at least one of the members of the crew, who must confirm his presence by signature.

Any crew not present at the Briefing will incur in a penalty of US$ 270.SR 102


Written Briefing

At the end of the other Legs, a written briefing will be given to competitors, together with the Road Book for the next Leg before 18.00h

To answer any queries regarding the written briefing, the Clerk of the Course, the Assistant Clerks of the Course or the Crews’ Relations Officer(s) will be present every day at the Rally Headquarters between 07.00h and 18.30h.



13.1 – Starting Order


13.1.1 – The start for Leg 1 (Super Special Stage) shall be given with an interval of one minute for all crews, according to the start list.

13.1.2 – The start for Leg1 will be given by the order of classification of the Super Special Stage (SSS1).


13.1.3 – The start for Leg 1 will be given with 2 minutes interval for the 1st 10 competitors by the order of classification of the super special stage.


13.1.4 – The start starting order of Leg 2,leg3,leg4 will be given by the classification of SS2 ,SS3, SS4 with 2 minutes interval.


13.2 – Issue and Collecting of Time Cards

A Time Card will be given to each crew at the time control of each Leg. This time card will be collected at the arrival time control of the same Leg


13.3 – Time Controls


13.3.1 – It is strictly forbidden to enter or leave a control area from any direction other than that prescribed by the itinerary of the event or to re-enter a control area once checking in has taken place at this control:


13.3.2 – Time between controls

Target times between controls will be informed by a bulletin.


13.3.3 – Exclusion

In a time control, any delay of more than 30 minutes per TC or accumulated delay of 60 minutes per leg will result in the exclusion of the crew.(except leg 1 - see article 11)


13.3.4 – Early check-in at end of Leg

At the time controls at the end of a Leg, crews are authorised to check-in ahead of time, without incurring any penalty.


13.4 – Selective Sections

13.4.1 – Starting system for selective sections

At the starts of selective sections, start will be given by the marshal in post in accordance with Article 38.3 of the 2013FIA General Prescriptions.


13.4.2 – Maximum Time

A maximum time will be given to run every selective section. This time will be on the time card. If the maximum time is exceeded, the crew will be excluded.


13.4.3 – Passage Controls (PC)

a) In order to check that the crews respect the itinerary of the rally, passage controls will be set up along the course.

 The crews must stop at these controls.

b) The lack of a stamp on a passage control will imply a penalty of 30 minutes.

c) The fact of not passing on a passage control will result in exclusion.

d) At each passage control, the marshal will enter on the time card the exact time (hours, minutes, and seconds) of presentation of the time card. In case the special stage is shortened, due to ‘force majeure’ the times recorded at the last Passage Control will determine the classification of that special stage.

e) The number and location of the passage controls will be published in a bulletin.


13.4.5 – Closing time of Passage Controls

The closing time of the different passage controls of the selective section will be published in a bulletin


13.4.6 – Intersection Controls

Controls will be set up at the intersection with asphalt roads or heavy traffic country lanes.

a) These controls will be identified as follows:

 - CC 200 meters

b) Crews must respect the signs made by the marshals who may show a stop sign.

c) Any crews presenting themselves at a crossing control in a direction different from the one in the road book will be penalised as if in a control zone


13.5 – Road Book and Navigation – It is absolutely forbidden, under pain of exclusion, to drive out of the rally's itinerary described on the road book, unless in the event of a blockage of the track. If such a case should occur, the teams may pass around the obstacle and go back to the track immediately after. The itinerary will be defined by the road book and the sequence of visible way points introduced in the GPS – ERTF equipments by the organisation. Competitors must follow the road book and pass by these way points. Not compiling with these regulations will imply a penalty that may go as far as exclusion from the event.


13.6 – Regroupings

One regrouping will be organised at the end of each Selective Section.


13.7 – Vehicle Tests (Shakedown)

Competitors who wish to test their vehicles are obliged to notify the Organisers of their intentions, with details of dates/timing and obtain written permission. On application, areas within which it is permitted to test will be informed.


Article 14 – SERVICE PARK

14.1 – Throughout the rally, working on the vehicle will be permitted ONLY in Service Parks specified in the road book by the organisation.


15.1 – The maximum speed in the service park is 30kph for all the vehicles, competitors and service crews.


14.3 – Only vehicles with a service sticker delivered by the organisers will be admitted to the service areas and parks. This sticker should be visibly placed on the front windscreen. Each crew will receive a free service sticker. Additional service stickers will be supplied at 330 $ SR 1250 for an auto / van sticker and 1000 $ SR 3750 for each truck.


14.4 – Refuelling

As per Art. 33 and 34 of the 2013 FIA General Prescriptions.


14.4.1 – Refuelling is forbidden in special stages (except where specifically permitted) and service parks, and allowed only at the Refuelling Zone as defined by the organiser and specified in the road book.


14.4.2 – In all refuelling zones, a speed limit of 30kph is applicable.


14.4.3 – Any action inside a refuelling zone that is not directly involved in the refuelling of the vehicle is forbidden.


14.4.4 – A maximum of 2 Mechanics can make the refuelling. Engines must be stopped during the whole refuelling operation.

At least one person from the team must be assigned to the extinguishers. It is recommended that mechanics wear 8856-2000 FIA homologated clothing.


14.4.5 – The refuelling time is part of the special stage. Competitors can refuel at their own discretion and no time is given.


14.4.6 – The crew must remain outside the vehicle during refuelling.


14.5 – Signalling

Signalling is authorised at the intersections with an asphalt road, except in a control zone.



15.1 – Protest Fees

The sum of the protest fee set by the ASN SR 5000

The claimant must deposit:


The expenses incurred by the work and by the transport of the car shall be borne by the claimant if the protest is unfounded, or by the competitor against whom the protest is lodged if it is upheld.

If the protest in unfounded, and if the expenses incurred by the protest (Scrutineering, transport, etc.) are higher than the amount of the deposit, the difference shall be borne by the claimant. Conversely, if the expenses are less, the difference shall be returned to them.


15.2 – Appeals Fee

Sum of the appeal fee:

- Sum for a national (SAMF) appeal fee: $ 3000 SR 11250



Place TBA

Time Thursday March 28th 2013, after the end of Leg 4


Article 18 – RESULTS

18.1 – Publication of provisional final classification

Place: Rally Headquarters – Maghwat

Time: Thursday March 28th 2013 at 19.00h


18.2 – The General Classification will be shown after each leg and the official results on the official board and the final General Classification will be shown at the end no more than 12 hours after the last car has finished.


Article 19 – PRIZES

19.1 – Prize-Giving

Place: Finish Ramp, Maghwat, Hail

Time: Thursday March 28th 2013


19.2 – Prizes will only be awarded to crews presenting themselves at the ceremony. Absent crews will lose the right to the prizes but the classification or the other prizes will suffer no modification.


19.3 – Prizes

General Classification - 2 Trophies each



1st Diesel 2 Trophies

1st 2-Wheel Drive Team 2 Trophies

Finishers Awards 2 All crews finishing the event will receive finishing awards.

The prizes will only be given to these Categories, Groups and Classes, if there is a minimum of 3 participants at the start.

The Prize money will be announced in a Bulletin



Presence during the Rally

a) Presence at scrutineering.

b) At the Secretariat of the Meeting

c) At posting of the Results and Start Lists

d) At the start of the Legs

e) At Service Parks at the end of the Legs

f) Near the Parc Ferme at the finish of the Rally

Detailed schedule will be published on the Official Notice Board



Each rally vehicle must be equipped with:

All order forms are available from the organizers and the rally website.



The FIRST AID KIT, in a small sealed rigid container, and identified as suchshould include:

o eye lotion (boroclarine, stilla or equivalent)

o disinfectant cream (betadine, biafine or equivalent)

o pain killers (aspirin or equivalent)

o a haemostatic (coagulant)

o anti diarrhoea tablets (immodium or equivalent)

o sun cream for the skin and lips

o selection of sterile bandages, plasters, safety pins

o re-hydration powder



o Small hand shovel

o 9 metre long recovery towing strap

o Cigarette lighter

o Compass

o Torch and spare batteries

o 5 litres of water for each member of the crew

o Aluminium blanket (2m x 1m) per crew member

o 1 emergency communications device (telephone only)

o Mirror

o 1 extended flashing torch/strobe light




4.1 Mobile phone (recommended but not compulsory)

The organizers recommend the use of a mobile phone. Emergency Numbers can be called in case of injuries or important material damages during the race (mechanical problem or crash).



4.2 Survival Rations

The Organisers will provide Emergency Survival Rations and bottled water to each competitor during distribution of the Road Book the evening prior to the Leg.


4.3 Bivouac Camp

The organisers will provide the essential hygiene facilities and catering arrangements and tents.

Competitors and service are advised to bring their own personal tents, sleeping bags and other basic camping equipment.


4.4 Medical Services

Fully trained doctors and nurses will be on duty throughout the event to cope with emergency situations. All local hospitals in the vicinity will be alerted to receive casualties. An equipped medical clinic will be on 24-hour stand-by duty at the bivouac. A medically equipped helicopter, with trained staff, will be available during the event. In addition all helicopters will carry one trained medical person on board.